When making transport arrangements for others, the law requires the organiser to be aware of their legal obligations when transporting children and young persons.


Kingfisher Travel has a wealth of experience to draw on regarding School Trips. With our vehicles providing transport all year around, from local trips to full UK tours, Kingfisher Travel can help you fulfil your groups legal requirements to provide safe school travel.

Our drivers are fully CPC trained; modules include Safe Driving, Customer Care & The School Run, Emergencies & Evacuation, and Drivers Hours. In the interest of security all our driving team's backgrounds are DBS checked, and we also undertake periodic driver medical and license checks.

Obtaining quotes from coach operators and booking the cheapest one is not demonstrating the correct attitude to the safety of pupils. Hiring a vehicle from us, allows us to demonstrate our commitment to schools to you; in that, we always travel with safety at the forefront.

We also can provide coaches with facilities such as toilets and on-board entertainment on request.

We can cater for all types of trips including -

•Local and Regional Education visits.

•UK Tours / Weekend camps.

•Inter School sport trips.

•School Orchestra Tours.

•Parent / Teacher day trips.

When you hire a vehicle from Kingfisher Travel we guarantee to provide:

•First class service.

•Fully maintained vehicles meeting all legal compliances.

•Access to all records/audit trails of driver walk around checks, vehicle defects/parts ordered etc., by prior arrangement. This will demonstrate how well run our business is - essential for passenger safety.

•Professional drivers trained in all aspects of transporting school groups.

•Vehicles fitted with two and three point fitted safety belts.

•Vehicles carrying safety and emergency equipment.

•Vehicles fitted with ABS, Speed Limiters, and retarder braking systems.

•Vehicles with clearly defined emergency exits to include, specified windows and roof hatches.

•Emergency planning procedures for drivers to put into action the unlikely event of a crash/breakdown.

•DBS checked drivers.

When we carry children or young people, the organiser/s of the trip is/are required to:

•Follow any instructions given by the driver (legal requirement).

•Inform the driver immediately if any problem arises during the journey.

•Take all reasonable measures to ensure that children/young people do not cause any distractions that might affect the ability of the driver to concentrate on the important task of driving safely (legal requirement).

•Assist the driver in meeting the Driver’s Hours Regulations (legal requirement).

•Ensure all passengers are wearing safety belts correctly and that belts are worn throughout the journey (legal requirement). Incorrectly worn safety belts carry the same penalty as not wearing a belt at all.

•Locate where all exits are positioned and where emergency and safety equipment is stored.

•Ensure luggage is stored safely and exits and aisles are kept clear (legal requirement).

•Ensure two adults are seated at emergency exits and that they are familiar with how to use this emergency exit and ensure adults are seated throughout the coach with the task of pupil supervision.

•Ensure that food and drink is not consumed on the vehicle, unless agreed in advance.

•Leave the vehicle in the same condition at the end of a journey as it was at the beginning removing all passenger rubbish when leaving the coach.


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Our aim is to provide the very best service from the moment you contact us until we have satisfactorily fulfilled our contract.

Whether you are an individual customer, a school looking to hire a coach or a blue chip corporate company, you can rely on Kingfisher Travel to take care of your passengers and personal needs.


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